Pay Per Use.
Fees apply only when you pay a freelancer.

Our Solution Includes

Document Management
  • Receive generated documents, invoices and acceptance deeds.

  • Sign documents with one click.

  • Transfer rights from the freelancer to your business.

Convenient Payouts
  • Select in rubles, dollars or euros.

  • Transfer to a card, account or e-wallet.

  • Benefit from "secure deals"

Help Center
  • Get live support from a dedicated team.

  • Ask for tax advice.

  • Request independent mediators.

Depends on tax residence of the company

Enjoy an unlimited number of freelancers easily
Access an unlimited number of freelancers and get charged only when you pay for completed work.

For Business

Transfer fees
from 3,5% to 9%

Depends on tax residence of the company

For Freelancers

Transfer fees

Absolutely free

Client Experience

1325 companies from 47 countries have set 4 million tasks

We set tasks for freelancers and check the results 5 times faster.

In 2017 we paid for about 400 different services per month and spent 3 minutes on each service, which is 20 hours for creating tasks. Now we have 600 — 700 services per month and the manager spends only 4 hours.

Maria Riavina
Production Director
  • Easily scaled 2 times more without hiring new staff.
  • 5 times faster is now processing of tasks and results thanks to Solar Staff.