Solar Staff For Business

A secure solution for service deals: tasks, documents, and payments. 

  • 01

    Talent Onboarding

    • Invite freelancers from all over the world — with any tax status — to Solar Staff.

    • We check their background.

    • Freelancers can apply for a free consultation on all tax issues.

  • 02

    Task Management

    • Create tasks manually on our platform, or automate via API or file import.

    • Add insurance or receive rights on the results of the task in one click.

    • Sort tasks by topics, categories, progress status and talent.

  • 03


    • Pay for completed work only. We hold your funds in your account and return them if the task is not completed.

    • We automatically make payments to contracted individuals in rubles, dollars or euros to accounts, cards and electronic wallets.

    • Give account access and assign different rights to your team.

  • 04


    • Receive acceptance deeds — automatically once a month, and invoices — at any time upon request.

    • Projects with multiple clients get separate deeds and reports - this will keep confidentiality.

    • Sign documents in the EDI system or order paper copies for free.

Solar Staff Sectors
  • IT and all Tech Sectors

    • Developers, IT specialists, CRM specialists, designers, copywriters, call center operators, couriers, consultants

  • Advertising and Marketing

    • Designers, copywriters, Internet marketers, lawyers, bloggers, event organizers, managers

  • Education

    • Mentors, authors and curators of projects, teachers, bloggers

  • E-com

    • Couriers, call center operators, developers, marketers, bloggers, webmasters

  • PR

    • Journalists, copywriters, editors, content creators, producers

  • Others

    • Consultants, property managers, promoters, musicians, etc.

Transfer fees
from 3,5% to 9%

Depends on tax residence of the company

Client Experience

1325 companies from 47 countries have set 4 million tasks

We set tasks for freelancers and check the results 5 times faster.

In 2017 we paid for about 400 different services per month and spent 3 minutes on each service, which is 20 hours for creating tasks. Now we have 600 — 700 services per month and the manager spends only 4 hours.

Maria Riavina
Production Director
  • Easily scaled 2 times more without hiring new staff.
  • 5 times faster is now processing of tasks and results thanks to Solar Staff.