A solution for secure deals, documents and payments

We check talent, sign contracts, transfer rights, make payments, resolve disputes and prepare documents.

  • One contract instead of hundreds

    Sign one contract with our company while we take care of contracts with your freelancers separately. We send invoices and acceptance deeds to you via EDI or courier.

  • Pay worldwide

    Payments conveniently possible in all major currencies via card, account or electronic wallet.

  • Work with international talent

    Work with freelancers from 197 countries including Asia, Africa, CIS, Latin America and Europe.

  • Keep your workforce private

    Solar Staff is different to a marketplace. Your contacts stay private on our platform - only you and banks have information about freelancers.

  • Scale your business

    Join us and spend more time growing your business: enlarge your team, enter new markets while we take care of all the bureaucracy.

  • Start with one click

    Hit the button and invite your talent to join your team on Solar Staff. We check their personal data, payment details, determine the country of residence, sign the contract and inform you about their readiness for the first task.

Who can benefit?

Business owners and CEOs

Optimize processes for company growth

Financial directors and accountants

Automate payments and documentation to save time

Project managers and department leads

Launch projects with new talent without bureaucracy

How it works

Sign one contract with our company while we take care of contracts separately.

Transfer fees
from 3,5% to 9%

Depends on tax residence of the company

Client Experience

1325 companies from 47 countries have set 4 million tasks

We set tasks for freelancers and check the results 5 times faster.

In 2017 we paid for about 400 different services per month and spent 3 minutes on each service, which is 20 hours for creating tasks. Now we have 600 — 700 services per month and the manager spends only 4 hours.

Maria Riavina
Production Director
  • Easily scaled 2 times more without hiring new staff.
  • 5 times faster is now processing of tasks and results thanks to Solar Staff.

Frequently asked questions

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